CADA Winter Classes:  10 week sessions

All the World’s a Stage!  (elementary/middle school)
Saturdays, Jan 9 - March 13
11 - noon AM ET
Our beginning drama class for young people. Learn the basics of acting and story-telling through movement, puppets, mask, mime, and improv!
Instructors:  Laura Valendza and Eve Urban

Next Stage Transitions Workshop (teens and young adults)
Saturdays, Jan 9 - March 13
11 - noon AM ET
For teens and young adults, this class uses theatre techniques to create a group project. The emphasis is on developing communication skills needed to succeed on stage and in real-life situations.
Instructors:  Ruben Ryan and Brandon Meeker 

In-Motion! (all ages, all abilities!)
Saturdays, Jan 9 - March 13
3 - 4 PM ET
A movement class that empowers your body, mind, and creativity! A fun and easy way to keep your body and brain working throughout the winter months. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Instructor: Bhawna Sudhir (Ms B)

Comedy Workshop! (teens/adults)
Mondays, Jan 11 - March 15
6:30 — 7:30 PM ET
Make ‘em laugh through improv, sketch comedy, stand-up and more!
Instructors:  John Lynch and Brandon Meeker

Improv for All! (teens/adults)
Tuesdays, Jan 12 - March 16
6 - 7 PM ET
Exploring short-form and long-form improv!
Instructors: Ruben Ryan and Brandon Meeker

Writer’s Room: Mythic Quests and Fantasy (teens/adults)
Wednesdays, Jan 13 - March 17
6:30 - 7:30 PM ET
A collaborative writing experience in which participants will create an epic story of heroes, danger and adventure!
Instructors: Jordan Euell and John Lynch

Acting: Rehearsal Techniques (teens/adults)
Wednesdays, Jan 13 - March 17
7:00 - 8:00 PM ET
An inclusive acting class. Participants will rehearse and perform in a one-act play for the CADA One-Act Play Festival!
Instructors: Wendy Duke and Shannon Uphold

Voice Acting!  (teens/adults)
Thursdays, Jan 14 - March 18
7:00 - 8:00 PM ET
Create characters with your voice! Use your voice in different settings such as hosting/announcing, in animation, audiobooks, radio dramas, commercials, video games, and more!
Instructors:  Shannon Uphold and Molly Wetzel

Bollywood Dance Happy Hour! (teens/adults)
Friday, Jan 15 - March 19
4:00 - 5:00 PM ET
Explore the world of Bollywood dancing while giving your body a wonderful workout. Completely accessible and inclusive and suitable for all ages!
Instructor:  Bhawna Sudhir (Ms B)
To enroll in one of our programs, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you via email to confirm. If you are new to our programs, we would love to meet you and your child before the sessions begin.  We have found it is very helpful for young people on the spectrum to get a preview of the people and the Zoom Acting Studio!   It makes first day far less stressful for them. 

Parents/guardians of new actors may wait until the end of the first class to make payment, to make sure the child is going to enjoy the experience.  Parents of returning actors do not have to resubmit the form. Notify us of your intent to continue via email to secure a spot in the next session and you may pay on the first day of class or camp.  

Our classes are small by design and space is limited.  
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Script Writing class in Zoom
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Winter 2021 Online Drama Classes
Jan 9 - March 13
Student in a Zoom drama class
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Students receiving Certificates of Accomplishment in a CADA class.
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Meet the CADA Teaching Staff!
Dean Coutris,  MFA in Theatre from the University of Houston, co-founded the long-form improv group, 'Just Go With It' in 2014. He previously taught an improv class at CADA, and although he currently lives in Atlanta, he enjoys "Zooming" with CADA for classes now. 

Wendy S. Duke has a BA and MA in Theatre Arts from the University of Akron. Former drama teacher at Miller South School for the Arts in Akron, she has been teaching drama classes for all ages and abilities for many years and is currently working on a book called "Applied Drama for Autism."

Jordan Euell is a comedian and writer who has worked with CADA since 2014. He recently graduated from Kent State with a BS in Digital Media Production with a Theatre Minor. He loves making people laugh and sharing his love for writing with others.

John Lynch is a longtime CADA teaching assistant, now a full-fledged CADA teacher and actor currently based in Maryland where he has performed with several theatre companies. Last year he  appeared in Newsies in Washington D.C. He most recently served as stage manager for Mario's New Friend.

Brandon Meeker is an actor and improviser who has worked with CADA since 2015. He is a graduate of the Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC Theatre Department, and is currently studying Political Science and History at the University of Akron. If one were to guess what he’s doing at this moment, it would probably be winning fake arguments inside his head.

Ruben Ryan  earned his BA in theatre studies  from Kent State University. Has taught improv for many years to both children and adults of all abilities. Co-founder of Let's Go With It, a long form improv group based in Akron, he is currently Creative Director for Point of No Return Improv.  

Bhawna Sudhir is an autism mom who is studying dance therapy. Her specialization is using movement to stimulate the brain and creativity. She is the founder and director of Dancing Bells, LLC, a platform to serve individuals with different capabilities to express themselves and interact with each other through dance and movement.

Shannon Uphold has a MFA from the Professional Actor Training Program at University of Houston and has trained in The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey SPTP’s Next Stage Ensemble. She works as an Instructor for the Barbizon Modeling and Acting Center and recently completed CADA’s Drama for People with Autism and Disabilities teacher training. She is passionate about her work as an actor, teacher, and mentor and plans to continue her education in Drama Therapy.

Eve Urban is currently a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and will be graduating with a BA in Theatre and an Applied Theatre Certificate in Spring 2021. She has trained with Theatrical Intimacy Education in Intimacy Coordination, Theatre of the Oppressed Pittsburgh in Image and Forum Theatre, and completed CADA’s Drama for People with Autism and Disabilities teacher training. Most recently, she is working on adapting the children’s book ‘Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance’ into a sensory-friendly play and studying puppetry!

Laura Valendza is a co-founder of CADA. She has been teaching theatre and acting for over 40 years. She holds an MFA in acting and a MA in Special Education. She is an intervention specialist at Miller South School for the Visual and Performing Arts. Laura is a member of the North American Drama Therapy Association.

Molly Wetzel has an MFA in Acting from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Houston. She has performed and taught for many regional theatres around the country. She’s currently working as an audiobook narrator and dialect coach from her home in Houston. 

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We miss our studio but until it is safe to be together inside doing theatre, we will gather together for theatre games and more online!
Winter 2021 Classes
Dean Coutris, teacher
Shannon Uphold, teacher
Jordan Euell, teacher
Ruben Ryan, teacher
Wendy Duke, teacher
Brandon Meeker, teacher
John Lynch, teacher
Laura Valendza, teacher
Dean Coutris
Shannon Uphold
Jordan Euell
Brandon Meeker
Ruben Ryan
John Lynch
Wendy Duke
Molly Wetzel
Laura Valendza
Eve Urban
Bhawna Sudhir
Voice Exercises (12/12. 1 - 4 pm EDT)
Improvisation (12/19, 9 - noon EDT.)
Body & Movement - 12/12 9 - noon EDT)
Act for Advocacy (1/2/21, 9 - noon EDT)
The Bully Project (1/2/21, 1 - 4 pm EDT)
Comedy (12/19, 1 - 4 PM EDT.)
All the Word's a Stage (Saturdays, 11 - noon AM ET)
Acting: Rehearsal Techniques (Wednesdays ,7 - 8 PM ET)
The Next Stage Workshop (Saturdays, 11 - noon AM ET)
Comedy Workshop (Mondays, 6- 7 PM ET
Bollywood Dance Happy Hour! (Fridays, 4 - 5 PM ET)
In-Motion! (Saturdays, 3 - 4 PM ET)
Voice Acting! (Thursdays, 7 - 8 PM ET)
Improv for All! (Tuesdays, 6 - 7 PM ET)
Writers' Room (Wednesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 PM ET)