The Bookstore of Doom by Samir Hammoud:
More Than Meets the Eye 
The Journey by Linish BK
Gold Treasure by Declan Carr

Crossing the River by Sherin Mary Zacharia
This Festival is brought to you in part by the generosity of our sponsors:
Box Office Attendant Level
Emily Durway
Jamie Filsko
Jamie McPherson
Jeff Moyer
Rachel Nigro Scalish
Carolyn Johnston
Amelia Polzella
Animita Saha
Arts Administrator
Eve McPherson
Jen Snider
Chris Fornadel

Director Level
Actor Level
Backstage Crew Level
Elsie Hammoud
Set Designer Level
Debora Bugenske
Stage Manager Level
Laura Dolan
Kristin & Steven Kranz
The Dinner Party by Sid Kranz
The Case of the Missing Jewelry 
by Griffin Snider
Back by Sue Leamy Kies
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