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Theatre on the Spectrum
Theatre on the Spectrum — Theatre with a purpose!

Company rehearsing in Zoom
 Theatre on the Spectrum of Abilities!
Theatre on the Spectrum Photo Gallery - a look at the days when we worked in our studio.
Samir Hammoud, actor
JT Styles, actor
Sean Giannetti, actor
Joyce Wade, actor
J T "Styles"
Our Current Company Members:
Jake Dietz, actor
Willie Tresz, actor
Jake and company performing a Kiss song
Samir with shiny new props created for us by the artists at Community Connections!
Jake leads the band in a tribute to Kiss!
Samir with props
Scott Hudson, actor
Brian Cogar, actor
Daniel Seemann, actor
Amanda Bugenske, actor
Wendy Duke and Ruben Ryan, actors
Wendy & Ruben

CADA/Theatre on the Spectrum logo
Sid Kranz, actor

Company Members on Hiatus:
Mario's New Friend a live made for Zoom play by Samir Hammoud, created, rehearsed and performed during the Pandemic.
With Ruben Ryan as Mario, Scott Hudson as Luigi, Samir Hammoud as Piglet,  Sean Giannetti as Diddy Kong, Wendy Duke as Yoshi, JT Styles as Hitmonlee, Sid Kranz as Bowser, Amanda Bugenske as Frankie and as Minion 2, Jake Dietz as Minion 1.  Directed by Wendy Duke. Stage  Manager - John Lynch.
Erika Crank, actor
Cyrus Shariari, actor
Dre'ia McCoy, actor
Joseph Moran, actor
Brandon Meeker, actor
Jordan Euell, actor
John Lynch, actor
Laura Valendza, actor
movie poster for The Forgotten Dead
The Forgotten Dead, viewable at this link, is a documentary by Joshua Gippins. 

Schneider Park in Akron seems like your typical family-friendly park. What local residents who enjoy the park may not realize, though, is how many bodies—and secrets—are buried beneath their feet.

From the mid-19th to early 20th century, this green space was the cemetery attached to the county poorhouse, which housed elderly and disabled people of that era. To tell this story, a local theater troupe of actors with disabilities reenacts what life would have been like for them back then. THE FORGOTTEN DEAD strives to memorialize those who were marginalized in life, and forgotten in death, by challenging us all to rethink our perceptions of the people all around us living today with disabilities.

The production was created by Josh Gippin of Joshua Tree Productions in collaboration with University of Akron students and Theatre on the Spectrum. This project was made possible by University of Akron’s EXL Center, which partners students with businesses in the community to gain hands-on experience in their fields. Gippin was brought on as a visiting professor for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters and worked with students from the Anthropology Department and School of Communication, plus ZTV students and a few students from the School of Art, School of Music and the Marketing Department. This offered the students a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration. Premiered in 2020.
The Forgotten Dead, featuring Theatre on the Spectrum
 Now Showing on PBS Western Reserve Channels 45/49